Blanketing God's Children With Love

Blanketing God's Children With Love


The PJS Ministry is devoted to “saving God’s Children” by donating blankets sewn by volunteers to childhood abuse crisis centers. With the words JESUS LOVES ME embroidered on them, the blankets are given to abused children. The second mission of the ministry is to advocate child abuse awareness.

This excerpt is taken from Rev. Dr. Warren "Billy" Bonthius' book, Blanketed by Love.

"That evening, after a child’s day of fun and play, the small girl puts on her pj’s, feeling safe and protected as she climbs into her welcoming bed. She snuggles up under her blankets; the soft, warm feeling comforting her.

Daddy comes into the room to say good night. He approaches her bed; a child’s cocoon of security and warmth, with malice and evil intent, that sweet child’s whole world is destroyed; shattered into shards of pain and disbelief.

jesusAfter the abuse, the little girl grabs her blanket, the one that used to surround her with soft promise of nighttime dreams and rest, and runs out into the dark, cold night. Falling down under a tree, she clenches her blanket. Warm tears flowing down her flushed cheeks, she looks up to the starry sky and cries out silently, asking Jesus, “Why? What did I do to be so bad?” She would never be able to go back to being that happy child."

Blanketed by Love is a gut clenching yet heart warming true story of how and why the PJS Ministry was established. The book is on sale through Paypal.